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The things of this world exist,       they are; you cannot refuse them.      To bear and not to own:                     to act and not to lay claim;                to do and work and let it go:              for just letting it go                          is what makes it stay.


Lao Tzu translation by Ursula LeGuinn

Lao Tzu

Ursula LeGuinn


If you are a currently enrolled student, you have access to documents which are not available to the general public.

  • The posted pages are for YOUR USE ONLY.
  • Some of the essays are my own work, in the gestational stage, that you have asked me to share with you. I do so with love, and the understanding that you will not share or publish them anywhere.


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  • Your username is your first name plus the first letter of you last name all lowercase for example: karena.
  • The first time you log in, your  password is:  breathe -You will be prompted to reset your password to something personal.
  •  This account will be cancelled if you cease to be an enrolled student.  

Navigating Google Docs

 Google Docs is a forum for people to share information. Clicking on a posted document will take you to a viewing window where you can print or download the file to your desktop. To do so:

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  • If you explore the toolbar, you will discover that it is also possible for you to upload documents. Please don't. If you have an article you want to share with the class, send it to me to review and post.
  • The email fucntion of the site has been deactivated. I will never send communications to this address so you don't need to check your email. I'll use the address you've already provided me. Use regular email to communicate with scene partners.
  • Do not send me email at to I won't read it - click on this email link to reach me.