Class Policies

      We know how committed we are by our actions  

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These pages below serve as our agreement with each other.
Please read them carefully.

The Student- Teacher Relationship
Ethics, Punctuality, Etiquette & Courtesy
Finances & Attendance
On Commitment

Theatre rules
  • The stage door must stay closed. Do not prop the stage door open at any time- let it lock behind you.This is for everyone's safety. If you leave and plan on coming back, let someone know. Take your breaks in the 'alley' off the theatre entrance. 
  • Only closed water bottles in the theater. No food, no drinks. Seriously. We may only eat in the dressing room 
  • We may use the couch, acting blocks, movable doors, flats and sand bags. They must be returned to their exact spot by the actors who use them.
  • Smoking away from the stage door. Bus your butts. 
The Skylight is our creative home. Please leave it better than we found it.
Everything returns to its original position, bus trash, any food items in the dressing room go to the trash bin which must be emptied into the alley dumpster.
Reline the trash bin with a fresh bag.  
Description of class work, how to schedule your work, continuing assignments & suggested reading can be found here: Class Work.
"Because I know that time is always time 
and that place 
is always 
and only place 

and that what is 
is actual for only 
one time 
and one place,

I rejoice,
 that things 
are as they are" 

                            TS Elliot