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Recording your work

Recording Your Work 

I will record your work while we meet on Zoom. Once we are back at the theatre, you must bring an SD card to each class to record your work during class exercises or audition tech evenings. 8GB are sufficient. The camera is 4K - an HD card is best to capture the quality. The camera won't accept a memory stick, mini or micro SD. 

Your computer may need an adapter to read the recording, If it doesn't, try downloading  VLC, a free media player .VLC can convert the files to play on any computer. Other folks swear by Video Monkey. 

Watch your work as soon a possible so you can match what you see to where you felt it in your body. 
Important: Part of your learning process is to email me after you watch yourself-  articulate what you see .   

So, why report in what you see on your recordings?

"Elaboration is the process of giving new material meaning by expressing it in your own words and connecting it with what you already know. The more you can explain about the way your new learning relates to your prior knowledge, the stronger your grasp of the new learning will be, and the more connections you create that will help you remember it later.” — Peter Brown, Henry Roediger & Mark McDaniel

When Charles Darwin was trying to explain a concept, he’d stop writing, and would imagine that someone had just walked into his study. He would then try to explain to them the idea in the simplest terms. It helped him figure out how he would describe the concept in print. 

You may think you have to really understand something in order to explain it. But observe what happens when you are talking to other people about what you are studying.  You’ll be surprised to see how often understanding arises as a consequence of attempts to explain to others and yourself, rather than the explanation arising out of your previous understanding. 

You’re giving new language to what you already know.


This is why teachers often say that the first time they ever really understood the material was when they had to teach it.

After you view you work, describe to me in an email what you see.

You’ll be surprised what you learn.