Ethics, Punctuality & Etiquette 
"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time" Maya Angelou 

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  • What goes on in class, stays in class. Period. The agreement of confidentiality is imperative. Actors must feel safe to take creative risks. Respect the privacy of your fellow classmates.
  • Honor your commitments. Respect other class members by keeping agreements about rehearsals & your scheduled performance slots.
  • There’s only one teacher: do not critique other members’ work outside the theatre. Encouragement or future scene work ideas are welcome but specific acting advice must come only from the teacher. 
  • If you have a burning issue about another actor, come to me.
  • No drinking or drugs before or during class. The whole point is to get more conscious. If you don't want to feel what you feel then this class is not for you. 


  • If you are chronically late, it is a toxic pattern. Change it. 
  • Professionals are punctual. It's a work skill; employers don't care WHY you're late to set.
  • Being late is disruptive. It is disrespectful to other class members. 
  • There is traffic in LA. Duh. Allow travel time so you can arrive early, park & get settled.
  • If you are stuck at work & will be late,which is the only acceptable excuse, call me or txt another student so we know to expect you. 
  • If you are late to class, without having informed me of a work exception ahead of class start time, your performance slot will be last on the schedule.
  • Punctuality includes being on time for scene rehearsals and shows respect for your scene partner. 
  • Don't be late. Just don't. 
  • PHONES OFF. Vibrate is not acceptable. Check your phone for work only & only on break. Are you addicted to your phone? Be aware of when you pull it out to avoid feeling uncomfortable, when you want to retreat. Stay present so you can self discover.
  • No photos or filming in class unless it's the class camera.  
  • No chewing gum.
  • No eating. 
  • No cross talk, please. Help us stay focused. Hold comments from your seat till you get my attention. 
  • We take one break. If you need to to step out, wait till actors are off the stage.
  • Class contact sheets are only for contacting class members about class. Let us know when you are appearing in film or TV show or promote your play/sketch show but no jokes, politics or email chains.
  • Buss your trash; straighten chairs, restore order. We leave the theatre better than when we arrive.  
                       Please read this Backstage Article on acting class behavior