Tuition & Attendance Policy
Class tuition is heavily reduced while we are in zoom. We're back in the theatre in September. 

  • Tuition- due before the 1st class of the month. 
  • Our agreement is: full tuition is due the first class of the month. Full tuition is due the first class each month even if you are absent. Tuition is not deducted for absences. 
  • Tuition for the stage Asylum $180 in the three class months and $240 in the four class months. Payments after the 1st class of the month incur a $20 late fee. Zoom class continues with the same tuition. 
  • Entering students make an initial 3 month commitment, tuition paid monthly. Subsequent 

    commitment is month to month. 

    When a member withdraws, they may re-enter study any time (if there is a seat open). 
  • There are a limited number of seats for auditors, who attend but do not perform. Auditing is appropriate for writers, directors and actors who are waiting for a member seat. You may not switch between performing and auditing seats once you have become a performing member. 
  • VISITORS are welcome to observe one class in your search for a creative home; there is no charge for your visit. 

 Attendance Policy

  • The class size is limited- your tuition holds your seat
  • Tuition is not refunded for missed classes. A missed class cannot be credited forward.
  • A missed credit can be exchanged for a 1/2 hour of private audition coaching: either 1/2 hour over zoom or the phone. You may can combine two missed classes for an 50 minutes in person coaching. The credit is good within the calendar year of the absence. Honor system - you keep track of your missed classes. 
  • Credit may also be used for ice cold sessions.
  •  If I must cancel a class, it will be credited to the next month. 
  • When you withdraw, your seat will given to a wait listed actor. If the roster is full when you request to re-enter, you may audit till a seat opens. 
  • Returning members have priority over new students. 
  • If you must miss a class, let me know why. Stay in touch with the community.
Your questions are welcome