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The teacher and the taught become the teaching

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Karen Austin 


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Karen Austin's class is where I go to find talent and to reclaim my soul. 

It's the best kept secret in Hollywood.

Del Shores

The Asylum is an arena designed for you to train with other professionals.
My goal is to seek simplicity:  
to give you usable information, not just theory  
to foster a space where you can experience emotional access
to guide you to work both hard and smart
and to help sharpen your technique 
while building the courage necessary for industry success. 

I teach from boots on the ground experience garnered from a wealth of work, in a variety of mediums, in concert with an infinite variety of talents,under a myriad of conditions.  

I love actors; I am fascinated by our process.
I work with each student very individually and ensure the environment is supportive. 
The curriculum emerges and collectively evolves from the unique needs of each member. 

I try to pose questions in a way they can be answered, to define any problem in a way it can be solved , to see creative blocks and, together, 
we create opportunity for breakthrough: 
exfoliating what doesn't serve you and entertaining what does. 
  • The heart of the class is scene study
  • frequent on camera audition technique work
  • monologue work for industry situations
  • "ice cold" reads entertain impulse and freedom 
  • Members are encouraged to work on audition sides in class.  
    The Class Work pages detail how the class is conducted. 
    The Class Policy pages are my agreement with members. 

    I encourage and require potential students to observe a class. 
    Observer seats are limited &by reservation only. You can contact me by email.

"There are three ways to teach- by example, by example and by example"                    Albert Scweithzer

"Acting is an art. And teaching acting is an art, too or it can be. Ultimately, it's a question of talent  -  of theirs meshing with mine. So time will tell. "   
    Sanford Meisner