Kudos for the Mastery of Acting & Self Expression

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Fisher Stevens “I took The Mastery workshop in 1977. It was a weekend I will never forget on many levels. Here was this loud-mouthed, passionate, brilliant Italian man, telling actors "not to act.” I didn't quite understand it at the time, but over the years it became clearer and clearer. I learned so many things that weekend, regarding not only acting but about human nature, history, and philosophy, as well. The Mastery opened up a whole new world for me. I understood that I was not alone in my insecurities, doubts, and fears both onstage and off. I started to feel more at home on stage and in life – feeling more comfortable in my skin. Accepting myself, but at the same time challenging myself more. The Mastery is a journey that will go as far as you let it.”
Fisher Stevens is an actor, director (Just a Kiss), and has produced more than 15 movies. His production company, GreenStreet, received 4 AA nominations (including Best Film) with In The Bedroom staring Sissy Spacek, Marisa Tomei and Tom Wilkinson. He recently won the Oscar for Best Documentary for The Cove. He is currently directing John Leguizamo for his upcoming Broadway show.

Willie Garson “The Mastery has been invaluable to me, both in my career and, more importantly, throughout my life. It has helped me to understand that I am a unique individual and to be responsible for being present and the creativity that can grow out of that – FOR EVERYONE. I have used the tools of it in every aspect of my life and career.
Willie Garson is an actor. He has acted in over 250 episodes of television, including his role as Stanford Blatch on HBO’s Sex and the City, Mozzie on Whit Collar, Henry on ABC’s NYPD Blue, & more than 75 films.

Patrick Breen “When faced with two paths in life – a choice between jobs, loves, cities, or entrees – one way always seems to be the safer direction. In 1984, I took The Mastery, which hammered home the point that taking the well-traveled road leads to the perfectly fine destinations of safety, comfort, and familiarity, but with just the smallest bit of courage, taking the other road, the one we feel utterly unprepared for, which guarantees disorientation and fumbling in the dark, leads to growth. And, often adventure. I am no Robinson Crusoe, too often opting for the path of least resistance, but my life has been immeasurably enriched by those moments when, with Dan Fauci's challenge, "What are you waiting for?" echoing in my ear, I attempt something new. And learn.”
Patrick Breen is an actor and a writer. He has acted in over 20 films, including Ishtar and Galaxy Quest. He also wrote the screenplays for Just a Kiss and East of A. He is currently starring on Broadway in Next Fall.

Tom Holland  “I've taken the Mastery three times and found each experience to be informative, powerful, and transformative. This was due to Dan Fauci, who not only created the program, but leads it to this day. Working with Dan, I learned things about myself and others that helped me enormously in my personal and professional life. The Masteries came at critical times in my life: when I was first starting out, it gave me the insight to be creative and the confidence to go on. The second and third times gave me insight on how to continue and build on that success. The other wonderful thing about the experience is that I made friends that have stayed with me throughout my life. In all ways and all three times, the experience has been incredibly powerful and given me insight into myself and others.”
Tom Holland is a writer/director, who is well-known for his work in film and television. He wrote and directed Child’s Play, Thinner, Fright Night, and The Langoliers, as well as writing the screenplay for Psycho II and Cloak and Dagger.

Marc Vahanian “I first experienced Dan Fauci and The Mastery thirty years ago. It was like getting shot out of a canon. I remember that I left the weekend so energized. It was as though I had been injected with rocket fuel. I was literally propelled into a new level of performance. I got film and TV roles within weeks.
The Mastery itself is an experience I come back to year in and year out – because it feels so delicious to be that present, so on the edge of my seat, and so at the edge of my own creative frontier. I felt profoundly acknowledged, seen, and encouraged to play full out. What could be better?”
Marc Vahanian is an accomplished body coach in Los Angeles, working with actors, musicians, and top executives in variety of fields.