On Commitment 

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"The only measure 
of what you believe
 is what you do.
If you want to know 
what people believe, 
don't read what they write, 
on't ask them 
what they believe, 
just observe 
what they do."
Ashley Montagu 

We know how committed we are by our actions.
If you want something badly enough, you will work for it.
Conduct yourself professionally, do your assignments, 
challenge yourself in choice of material, 
devote real time to its analysis and rehearsal, 
and you will progress past what you expect. 

Just hang in there.
Your abilities will grow faster and your work 
will become deeper if you honor material that moves you.

I appreciate your commitment to your own  growth.  I am committed to it.
The teacher and the taught become the teaching.

"The brick walls are there for a reason...
to show us how badly we want something. 
Because the brick walls are there to stop the people 
who don't want it badly enough. 
They're there to stop  the other people. "
Randy Pausch,
 author of The Last Lecture