Scheduling Your Work 

"Don't make excuses, make good" Elbert Hubberd

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Schedule your work by email. Include in your request:
  • class date 
  • title of piece (play, film, book?) and the author
  • the names of your characters & which scene you're doing
  • cc your scene partner
  • what are your furniture needs (if we aren't on zoom)
  • Scenes should be apprx 3 minutes
  • Plan ahead, the schedule fills up. 
  • Notify me early so I can do my homework
  • Work as often as you are ready
Schedule order 
  • Actual audition prep is always first up - bring a copy of your original pdf for your reader
  • Scene order set by earliest email  
  • New work takes precedence over reprises
  • Scene work take precedence over monologues & continuing assignments
  • If you have two scenes that are ready, pick your priority to do first
  • If you are late to class, your slot will be moved to the end of the schedule 
  • If the schedule fills up, you will be up placed on the schedule for the following week
  • Ice cold reads or an exercise may be given when schedule is completed (if we're in person)
Be a warrior. 
  • Work frequently. We learn by doing so your progress is up to you
  • Do the necessary preparation; bring in your best
  •  Have several projects in process so that emergent issues don't interfere 
  • If you have two pieces you've prepared, let me know your priority. It's possible we'll have time for both 
Auditions or industry work 
  • Sides for actual auditions always take precedence 
  • Email me the sides asap  
  • Bring an extra copy of the pdf for a reader
Audition "tech" night is scheduled frequently
  • You will be sent sides at least 24 hours in advance per industry practice.
  • Confirm your receipt of the sides. I will confirm your confirm.
  • If you don't let me know your received your sides, I will not put you on the schedule. 
  • Performance order is set by a number draw at the beginning of class.
  • Your work will be recorded for home review 
  • Watch your work as soon as possible
  • Email me to tell me what you see  
  • Articulating what you see is an important part of the learning process

Recording your work  (while we are meeting on zoom, you won't need an SD card)

  • You will need an SD CARD to record your work on our HD camera. MINI SD & MEMORY STICKS- so not work. If in doubt, contact me. Do not wait till you can't work to make sure you have the right tool.
  • Bring your SD card to every class. You'll need it on audition tech night and sometimes for ice cold reads.
  • Email me with your reaction to what you see. Tell me what you learned by watching yourself.