The Student/Teacher Relationship

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"General duties of a student: 

Pull everything out of your teacher"   


Corita Kent

Communication is the core of a successful student- teacher relationship. Your input is essential. We are partners in expanding your creative borders.

Most answers to your questions about how the class operates can be found on this site. But do not hesitate to email if you need more clarity.

Please read the Class Policies and Class Work pages carefully. 

Study your class documents, keep a class notebook, do the required reading on the What We're Reading page. Those who put in the work progress most quickly. 

Email me as you're choosing your scenes. Let me know what work you have in progress. Update your class objectives to focus my attention.  Let me know any concerns & share insights. Together, we build the community.

 I appreciate your commitment to the process. 

The teacher and the taught become the teaching.