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                                        March, 1, 2 and 3rd  at the Actor's Company 916 Formosa Avenue LA 90046    

The Mastery of Self Expression  is a unique, intense, experiential weekend workshop that facilitates a leap forward in your creative growth. You will discover where you stop in your creativity and have an opportunity to push past that block. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It compliments and accelerates the work we do in class. 

There is no simple answer to the question “What do people get out of it?” Over the past 30 years,  the workshop remains true to Dan Fauci’s original vision of the limitless potential of human creativity. 

The weekend is designed to encourage participants out of their comfort zones (whatever they may be, 
including the devils we know) to experience personal power and creativity at a new level. 
The source of your creativity lives and breathes in the uniqueness of your perspective. 
No one else can see the world through your eyes. No one can create what you can create. 
It’s an opportunity to step outside of your learned patterns of thought that limit how you see the world. 
It is an experiential weekend, which means that you will actually be performing and doing. 
The quality of that experience is entirely up to you : 
How far outside your comfort zone you are willing to go?  If you find yourself playing safe, just notice and be willing to stretch a little further. Go beyond who you know yourself to be.
  • Dan Fauci (workshop creator),  Larry GilmanChristopher Cass and myself co-lead .
  • Ask class members who have taken the workshop about their experience. read testimonials.
  • The number of participants in each weekend is limited to allow individual attention,time performing and to allow a safe environment for personal creative exploration. Set aside the entire weekend for the workshop.
  •  Contact me  or Larry Gilman (310 471-1085) with questions - My students get a substantial discount. 
The Mastery has been conducted in over 25 cities worldwide for more than 30,000 people from all walks of life including many entertainment industry luminaries. Here's the Los Angeles page from the worldwide website.The below is from the London website.                    
Entertain the premises:
  • The past is a set of stories that kept you 'safe' but that now the danger is past - you just haven't switched off the behaviors.
  • You really do know what you want - you just stopped wanting it so that you don't have to be disappointed one more time.
  • You have passion - and it is a tool for your use, not an energy to keep apologising for.
  • You are the cause of your own creativity.
  • We cannot guarantee that there is life after death, but of this we can be certain - there is life before death and it is yours to create - it begins and ends with you.
A video interview: Larry Giman talks about the Mastery workshop